Getting to Operational Status – Our Plan

Our plan for getting from no observatory to a fully functioning one is reasonable and well within my capabilities as the chief astronomer, construction engineer and runner for the project.

I’ll break it down here not only for your interest but to help me gauge where I am on the project and do this simply with a list and checking items off as we go. As each task it done, we’ll check it off and put a line through the item to show it is done!

Yes – I do have a detailed checklist, but this is a condensed version of it to go over the major steps and keep you in the loop. Keep an eye on this page as it will change frequently. The project window will move quickly from here on out.

The Plan

  • Get the Celestron 130 GT running and full operationalDone 26-Mar-2019 – Success
  • Test Stellarium Software to control the telescopeDone 26-Mar-2019 – Success
  • On the next clear night, test the Celestron 130 GT and evaluate remote operation with long USB cable to simulate operations inside an observatory. Film this for the channel as well to show the operation of the telescope via remote control.
  • Test the NatGeo 114mm and Celestron 114mm scopes. Add the battery drive to the Celestron 114 and evaluate function.
  • Inspect the telescope site and work up site checklist.
  • Take Celestron 130 GT to the new site and do a observation session to check the sky view and insure we’re building in the right place.
  • Begin building process when things are reasonably dry.