The Astronomer

Jon after flight in CJ-6 fighter in 2010. This was before his back became bad enough to stop the flights after 2015.

Jon Almada is a long time amateur astronomer who enjoys observing the beauty of the night skies and while inactive with amateur astronomy over his aerospace career, he has returned to the hobby he enjoyed in his youth.

He was a corporate webmaster in the aerospace business for 32 years before he retired in 2017.

Jon has a serious back injury that prevents long duration periods of standing and so the new observatory is being built with a handicapped astronomer in mind, using GOTO technology and EAA (Electronically Assisted Astronomy) in mind.

The goal of the observatory is to show other people with physical limitations that they can participate in the beauty of observing the universe no matter what handicap they may have. It’s all about how determined you are and getting the means to see the beautiful universe we all live in.