Systems integration of 6 inch F6 and Skywatcher EQ6 Pro

We bought the Skywatcher EQ6 Pro in 2019 and were not able to progress further due to the issues with a sick parent. We’re now at a point we can proceed to begin testing the mount. We were able to get the mount to run using Stellarium with direct USB to serial conversion cables.

The next steps are to add the guide scope and test my cameras. This will occupy the remainder of May. First light on the scope should be in June.

We are having less luck using the ASCOM software which I am beginning to have less and less faith in as a working software system.  We shall see what works in the end with that software. Frankly, I am less than impressed with ASCOM since it is clearly a software package that is replete with gotchas and much in the way of mystical incantations to get it to work. I may go with a different platform, like a Raspberry PI running an ASCOM alternative.